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Welcome to the website of Stella's Traditional Apartments and Studios
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Dear would be traveller to Crete,

We created this website to promote Kato Zakros, one of the few hidden Paradises in Greece, and perhaps the only untouched part of Eastern Crete.

 Its main purpose is to make you, the visitor, aware of everything our region has to offer:  monuments, nearby tourist destinations, sightseeings, natural beauty, long history, culture and of course the various activities you may spend your time on.
All of our sites, Terra Minoika Villas, katozakros.net, zakros.gr katozakros.info, www.stelapts.com contain numerous pieces of information on your accommodation as well as thousands of pictures (www.flickr.com/photos/kato-zakros/sets).

 Right here on our sites you will find many, we hope, helpful testimonials, videos as well as links to destination recommendation sites, such as Trip Advisor and Lonely Planet.  All of them contain  real life comments coming directly from our visitors hearts.

 Kato Zakros' natural environment, which is a secluded paradise almost isolated from the rest of Crete, has kept its  purity and simplicity through out the years; It has been kept away from any "development" as well as cultural touches, whishing to become the canvas upon which you will draw the memories of your most beautiful Summer vacations.



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